Passionate product developer and designer, over +8 years of experience and collected a complete set of skills allowing me to lead Product development teams, starting from designing PCB, design, and working with sheet metal and design parts for plastic molding and other forms of manufacturing.

With a focus on designs for low volume production, allowed me to work under more restrictions, and getting better results, while closely considering supply chains and production needs.

Never the less working on my second startup exposed me to the management side of the picture and how to handle finances and other nontechnical issues that face any business.

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I may do Things or write about issues that interest you; if so go in if no go in also ;)

MQTT to Database

When you work on any IoT project, MQTT is one of the best protocols to use, for several reasons starting small size data, work with low-speed networks, and simple to implement on low resources hardware. Read more…

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I Work at CCTRONIC which is an engineering solution company with a focus on the agriculture industry.


Address: 5810 Southwyck Blvd, STE 100E

Toledo, OH 43614

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