I’m not even going to change the title of the default post.

Its been a while since I took ten weeks class called “Referal Persute” by Debby Peters from Connexnation “CN” for short. At the early few sessions, it was all about your brand “My Brand” or ” Me” and how it is important to show what you do and what is your skill level, it’s my task to show my self not other people task.

As a result, I decided to have my own small website to showcase my work during the last six years. I have been delaying this task and moving other tasks ahead of it until June 2018, which is when I started with this post.

And here we go, will work on adding an article a week collecting all memories and notes from the previous years and keeping them as a record. I’m sure you will like what comes next.

Leo Idraikh

Leo Idraikh

Electronics Engineer by profession learned mechanical design and Industrial design out of passion with a sparkle of programming skills in different languages

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